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Learn to Ride 

Horseback riding lessons are a wonderful way for any horse enthusiast to grow. Not only as an individual but as a team with their equine partner. 


Our lesson program has been created to work with not only our beginner level riders, but all the way up to our high level competitors. 



$50/ hour - Private Lesson

 $45 / hour - Group lesson 


Basic Horsemanship;


  • Grooming 

  • Proper care for your equine 

  • Saddle fitting (Proper tack use)

  • Lunging 


As an equestrian, we all have to start somewhere with our riding skills. The beginner riders will learn all their basic riding cues. This includes: Walk, trot, canter, stopping & backing.




Once your basic cues are learned and properly executed, you'll be able to start working towards your chosen discipline. These disciplines include: Western pleasure, speed events, jumping, western dressage and trail obstacle course challenges. Our facility is set up for each and every one of our riders to work towards their goals and practice for shows. 


This is where our students are wanting to push not only themselves as a rider, but their equine partner to perform and work better as a team. You will be able to learn new drills, warm ups and exercises for you to perform at higher levels and even teach your horse new skills. 

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